Control Joints

Concrete cutting control joints are planned cracks beneath pre-determined cuts, which allow for movement in your concrete slab or paving. This eliminates unsightly random cracking and ensures structural integrity. It is important to cut at the correct depth and grid, based on each individual job.


The factors that we consider when cutting control joints are:

  • reinforcement mesh depth
  • concrete slab thickness
  • surrounding structures
  • drains
  • and the intended trafficable use

Melbourne Concrete Cutting can also complete decorative pattern concrete cutting to your requirements. This gives the impression of pavers in your driveway, BBQ area, pool or pathway without all the maintenance.


Some concreters prefer to mark out control joints on their jobs using a chalk line. We can either cut along these lines or create our own grid. We give you the option!


Control joint or Expansion joint cutting is used for:

  • Concrete cutting driveways
  • Concrete cutting factory slabs
  • Concrete cutting pathways
  • Concrete cutting BBQ areas
  • Concrete cutting any new or existing concrete!