Concrete Cutting Roxburgh Park

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21/03/2020 16:10 PM
Soff cutting pedestrian access into the new Roxburgh Park Woolworths. Same day or next day structural saw cutting is the best way to encourage cracking in the right areas. Melbourne Concrete Cutting...

Concrete cutting machines should only be used by the professionals!

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26/02/2020 17:00 PM
Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimised by any fancy machines at your work or around the house? Now, raise a hand if you've gone out of your way to avoid using these machines...

Concrete Cutting Wallan

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01/02/2020 09:14 AM
Concrete Cutting at the Wallan Mall. This job was completed after hours to avoid business disruptions. Complete service of cutting and cleaning provided. 

Core Drilling Melbourne

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31/01/2020 21:54 PM
Anthony using the multi function plate on this in ground concrete water tank to mount the concrete core drilling rig. We drilled an inlet, outlet and overflow. Job located in Black Rock. 

Concrete Cutting Broadmeadows

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18/11/2019 21:36 PM
Concrete Cutting in Broadmeadows to create a door opening through a pre cast concrete panel to provide access through two factories. Full service provided, cut, clean and cart away of concrete. 

Concrete Cutting Dandenong

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11/11/2019 21:52 PM
Concrete Cutting in Dandenong at 400mm depth to create a trench for a new footing. 

Concrete Cutting Yarraville

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01/09/2019 20:06 PM
Concrete Cutting Yarraville. 15000sqm site with plans for 100 town houses. We needed to complete concrete cutting for various pad cut outs for soil testing around the site. Concrete was 250mm thick.

Concrete Cutting Eltham

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03/08/2019 20:09 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting completed 520 meters of concrete cutting in Eltham to allow our client to remove and reinstate the concrete slab in his factory. All concrete cutting was completed in one da...

Concrete Cutting Braeside

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24/07/2019 20:36 PM
Concrete Cutting to expose a 2 meter deep sewer pit in an industrial driveway. Concrete cutting at a full depth of 400mm completed. 

Concrete Cutting Melbourne

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18/06/2019 22:06 PM
Concrete Cutting Melbourne. Using our large road saw to cut concrete at a depth of 200mm to create a plumbers trench in a factory.