Concrete Core Drilling Melbourne

Melbourne Concrete Cutting make tough core drilling services in Melbourne fast and easy by using the most current Husqvarna Core drilling technology. Core drills are used to create precise circular holes in precast concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and other materials. We are equipped with a variety of core drill stands and core drills to suit all applications, depths. Drilling diameters range from 35mm to 600mm. Core holes can be drilled in walls, floors and on various angles and heights to suit your requirements.


Depending on the hole diameter and substrate we can either secure the drill stand rig with a bolt anchor or use a vacuum pump for finished surfaces.


On higher production jobs we can accommodate faster turn around times with the use of Husqvarna’s latest technology. Core drill rigs are set up and an automatic core drill system is used to drill the core whilst allowing the core drilling operator to set up the next core hole. Therefore reducing labour requirements and ensuring your project is delivered on time and within budget!


We use the latest slurry control and vacuum systems to ensure the work site remains safe and clean at all times.


Core drilling services Melbourne include:

  • Concrete Core drilling horizontal, vertical & angle
  • Concrete Core drilling all depths and diameters
  • Concrete Core drilling for channels, pipes and cables
  • Concrete Core drilling for air-conditioning services
  • Concrete Core drilling for safety bollard and barrier installation
  • Concrete Stitch drilling
  • Concrete Core drilling for water evacuation/drainage