Concrete Floor Sawing

Melbourne Concrete Cutting uses the latest Husqvarna high speed flat saws available, to cut horizontal concrete surfaces. The modern diesel engines provide efficient power to the blade spindle increasing productivity, cutting depth and speed. The highly versatile 3 speed transmission also ensures we have the option of adjusting engine torque based on blade size and the concrete cutting required.


These machines are equipped with electronic fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation, this combined with the slurry control and clean-up methods used by Melbourne Concrete Cutting, reinforces the environmentally friendly practise we pride ourselves on.


We have 6HP to 74HP turbo diesel powered road saws available for various job sizes and applications.


Floor sawing services include:

  • Concrete Cutting Slabs & Trenches
  • Concrete Cutting Curb And Channel Cross Overs
  • Concrete Cutting Factory Floors
  • Concrete Cutting Driveways For Concrete Removal
  • Cutting Asphalt & Bitumen Road Surfaces