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February 2019

Concrete Cutting Hawthorn

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18/02/2019 18:40 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting using the ringsaw to cut a  spa wall surround. Heavy 12mm steel rods through out the wall and a depth of 400mm was no match with our experience and equipment. Getting...

Concrete Cutting Campbellfield

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18/02/2019 18:34 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting cut out a trench 18m long, 500mm wide and at 200mm depth to allow underground electrical cables to be installed, going from a plant room to a switchboard. 

Concrete Cutting Rockbank

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05/02/2019 17:00 PM
The Melbourne Concrete Cutting 50HP roadsaw in action cutting up a concrete garage slab that was poured incorrectly. We cut up to 400mm deep across the ribs and edge beams to allow the excavator to pu...