Concrete Cutting Dandenong

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11/11/2019 21:52 PM
Concrete Cutting in Dandenong at 400mm depth to create a trench for a new footing. 

Concrete Cutting Yarraville

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01/09/2019 20:06 PM
Concrete Cutting Yarraville. 15000sqm site with plans for 100 town houses. We needed to complete concrete cutting for various pad cut outs for soil testing around the site. Concrete was 250mm thick.

Concrete Cutting Eltham

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03/08/2019 20:09 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting completed 520 meters of concrete cutting in Eltham to allow our client to remove and reinstate the concrete slab in his factory. All concrete cutting was completed in one da...

Concrete Cutting Braeside

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24/07/2019 20:36 PM
Concrete Cutting to expose a 2 meter deep sewer pit in an industrial driveway. Concrete cutting at a full depth of 400mm completed. 

Concrete Cutting Melbourne

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18/06/2019 22:06 PM
Concrete Cutting Melbourne. Using our large road saw to cut concrete at a depth of 200mm to create a plumbers trench in a factory. 

Core Drilling Melbourne

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24/05/2019 20:23 PM
Core drilling a 400mm hole to create a circular garden bed in a beautiful set of floating landings. 

Concrete Wall Sawing Campbellfield

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02/05/2019 08:27 AM
Concrete pre cast panel being cut out to create a window opening. Full service provided, cut, remove, cart off site and clean up. 

Concrete Cutting Hillside

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16/04/2019 18:48 PM
Concrete cutting in Hillside to allow AGL to upgrade this meter and straighten up a kink at the base of the mains  pipe. We always recommend our clients use a asset locator when cutting so close...

Concrete Cutting Laverton

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14/04/2019 00:00 AM
Concrete Cutting in Laverton for our civil clients John Beaver (Acciona). Concrete cutting to expose a high pressure gas pipeline for maintenance works. Full service provided with water cart and...

Concrete Cutting Brighton

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22/03/2019 20:53 PM
Concrete Cutting at Brighton Toyota to rectify drainage. Full use of slurry barriers around drains and the slurry vacuum whilst cutting at 200mm depth.