The Top Obvious Reasons Why You Do Not Lay Concrete in the Rain

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26/04/2022 10:41 AM
Water is an integral component of all concrete. It is mixed with cement that provides the concrete with hydration and strength. However, despite this fact, there are obvious reasons why you should...

What Happens if There Are No Drainage Points in Your Concrete?

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05/04/2022 11:33 AM
Inadequate drainage allows for ponding, and hazardous solutions ponded on concrete, such as deicing salts, may enter the concrete and cause damage. These hazardous liquids can be prevented from...

Wet vs. dry concrete cutting

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15/02/2022 10:00 AM
It is important to know the difference between wet and dry concrete cutting while selecting a saw. The type of saw you choose depends on the cutting job you're doing, and both wet and dry concrete...

Wet vs. Dry Concrete Cutting

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21/01/2022 11:27 AM
Concrete cutting is a delicate and controlled process that removes and modifies concrete. Since concrete is one of the hardest materials, cutting through it requires specialised cutting and sewing...