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The Main Jobs a Concrete Saw Is Used For

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29/12/2020 13:53 PM
When you think of a concrete job, you may imagine a project that involves pouring some concrete into blocks and slabs. Eventually, concrete takes the shape of the area it fills, and the job is done....

Core Drilling Rowville

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09/10/2020 11:39 AM
Pre-cast concrete panel core hole penetrations for 250mm plumbing at the Darrel Lea chocolate factory on Rowville. 

Why Is Concrete Normally Thoroughly Wet Before It Is Cut?

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01/10/2020 15:00 PM
Almost all construction projects involve cutting through concrete, and while concrete cutting can be done both dry and wet, the latter is usually a preferred choice. In this post, you will find out...

Cool Things to Know About Concrete Cutters and Core Drillers

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01/09/2020 21:01 PM
Today concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in the world. Its significance is highlighted by the fact that concrete is the second most-consumed material, right after water, the most...

Concrete Cutting Altona

Posted By ,
30/05/2020 16:44 PM
Concrete Cutting a loop cut at 6mm width, 30mm depth so that our gate installers can fit a loop wire and create automation at the new Altona Police HQ

Concrete Cutting Richmond

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30/05/2020 16:41 PM
Concrete cutting at the Richmond public housing. Slicing up the driveway leading to the bin hopper area so that it can be removed and reinstated. 

Concrete Cutting Moorabbin Airport

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30/05/2020 16:37 PM
Asphalt road opened up at Moorabbin Airport to expose a mains water burst pipe. The water tank on the ripper and the road saw got the job done with ease first thing Saturday morning. 

Types Of Jobs Where You Would Engage With Concrete Cutters and Core Drillers

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23/04/2020 08:00 AM
Concrete cutting and core drilling are two of the most critical tasks involved in construction, and as such, they hold immense importance. Concrete cutters and core drillers are specialised types of...

Concrete Cutting Roxburgh Park

Posted By ,
21/03/2020 16:10 PM
Soff cutting pedestrian access into the new Roxburgh Park Woolworths. Same day or next day structural saw cutting is the best way to encourage cracking in the right areas. Melbourne Concrete Cutting...

Concrete cutting machines should only be used by the professionals!

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26/02/2020 17:00 PM
Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimised by any fancy machines at your work or around the house? Now, raise a hand if you've gone out of your way to avoid using these machines...