Cool Things to Know About Concrete Cutters and Core Drillers

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Today concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in the world. Its significance is highlighted by the fact that concrete is the second most-consumed material, right after water, the most basic necessity for life. And since so much concrete is used worldwide, concrete cutters and core drillers are some of the most critical professionals in the world.


After all, when using concrete in construction, it is not formed in the exact structures and shapes that are used in the actual construction process. Therefore precision cutting is essential, and only professional concrete cutters and core drillers are specialized to do this job. Using heavy-duty, specialized equipment, these highly trained professionals risk their lives and cut through concrete and drill the core. Here are a few cool things that you should know about these highly respectable professionals.  


Concrete Cutters and Core Drillers Risk Their Lives

Concrete cutters and core drillers have to deal with specialized equipment that can be life-threatening when not used properly. Very often, they face safety problems associated with the kit. Two of the most common concerns that concrete cutters and core drillers experience are



When the concrete cutting process starts, ideally, the cutting machine's saw blades should be rotating at the maximum speed before they get in contact with the concrete. And in case the saw blades are spinning at a lesser pace, this can lead to a potentially dangerous and life-threatening condition.  


Only a trained and experienced concrete cutter would know how to deal with such a situation and protect themselves from a possible injury.



Another safety concern that can arise during concrete cutting is locking in. This happens when the concrete slab or the wall that is being cut shifts during the cutting process. As a result, the blade gets locked. Dislodging the saw blade without damaging it requires adequate training and experience, and only professional concrete cutters can deal with the situation.


They Know How to Handle Silica Dust

Perhaps one of the most critical concerns involving concrete cutting and core drilling is silica dust's inhalation. The cutting and drilling process results in minute dust particles that can severely affect your ability to breathe, and in the long run, it can permanently damage lungs. Concrete cutters and core drillers are true warriors who get into this job, knowing all the potential hazards. Moreover, they know how to deal with it. Therefore, almost all concrete cutters and core drillers use personal protective gear during every cutting and drilling job.


Concrete Cutter and Core Drillers Receive Specific Training

Concrete cutting and core drilling is a dirty job, but that does not mean anyone can do it. This specialized job requires training and a lot of practice. This is the reason why people with enough experience and the right skill set are out for work at the construction site.  


Concrete cutters and core drillers are expected to serve a different purpose in almost every construction process, but they are indeed an inevitable part of the workforce. Dealing with heavy-duty equipment, core drillers, and concrete cutters risk their lives to ensure that your project gets the desired look. Moreover, only with professionally trained concrete cutters and core drillers, you are in a position to complete your project well in time. Find out more about concrete cutting and core drilling.