Daily Stretching to Do as a Concreter

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Concreters have a relatively tough job that requires bending, squatting, and moving around back and forth. In most cases, they tend to get severe back injuries that halt the tasks at hand and falter their movement. This is why all industrial workers, including concreters, need to incorporate stretching exercises into their daily schedule to avoid unfortunate mishaps.


Stretches for Concreters

Concreters tend to ignore any pain they may be feeling, given the nature of their work. However, certain stretching positions can certainly help reduce the pain.

1.      Knee-to-Chest Stretch

The knee-to-chest stretch is an excellent stretching position that helps reduce lower back pain. If done right, this position will relax your body while stretching your hips and thighs.


All you need to do is bend your knees while lying on your back. Drag any one of your knees towards your chest, keeping your hands clasped behind your thighs. Take a deep breath and hold the posture without lifting your hips.


2.      Spinal Twist

Seated spinal twist is another classic stretching position that helps loosen your back, hips, and glutes and helps stimulate the body's internal organs. Moreover, if you have a stiff neck or immobile spine, this exercise can help you increase your mobility.


Sit straight on a mat and extend your legs in front of you. While bending your left knee, you need to place your foot near your right thigh. Now, place your right arm gently on your left thigh while your left hand rests on your back for support. Once you are comfortable in that position, move your spine to the left and twist it till you can. Try to hold this posture for a minute. It will help relax your body and release the tension.


3.      Cat-Cow

Spine problems are relatively common among concreters. If you are one of them, you need to relax your spine by incorporating a cat-cow position into your daily schedule. It will also help stretch your chest.


Observe a tabletop position. It means that you need to put your hands and knees on the ground. The next thing you need to do is fill your belly with air by taking a deep breath. Make sure to press your hands and feet to the ground all this while. Now, you need to stretch your spine in an arc position towards the ceiling while you exhale. Repeat the process for a minute.


Industrial workers need to incorporate these three exercises into their daily life. Note that these positions not only help reduce back pain, but they are also used to release tension.