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Drilling Vs Coring

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10:22 AM

If you’re in the building and construction industry, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of concrete coring and concrete drilling. From residential, commercial to industrial job sites, it’s considered the best method for cutting through tough surfaces such as stone, brick and concrete. Without it, most builds would be near impossible to complete.


In this article, we’ll look at some of the different ways Concrete Coring and Concrete Drilling are used and how it impacts the outcome of the construction process.


Concrete Coring

Both concrete coring and concrete drilling work in very similar ways but still have slight differences. With concrete coring, a much larger drill bit is used, enabling it to bore through tough/hardened concrete more efficiently. For eg: if you were looking to install a pipe, drain or vent in the wall or ground, concrete coring is an excellent way to make a hole needed for these specific purposes.


Whether it’s a small domestic build or larger commercial development, concrete coring/cutting is an ideal way to save time, money and resources in all areas of construction. As a specialist concreting company, our job is to ensure the right equipment is used for your particular project.


Concrete Drilling

With a concrete drill, a smaller piece of equipment is used to drill through concrete openings in both interior and exterior spaces. Given that it’s designed for smaller areas, this method is ideal for projects involving electrical conduits, wiring cables and commercial fitouts.


One of the benefits of doing concrete drilling at home, is it allows all wires and pipes to be hidden behind the concrete wall, away from direct exposure to rodents and extreme weather elements. Not only does it look neater, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.




What are some of the features of concrete drilling?

As we’ve already discussed, a diamond concrete core drill is the main piece of equipment used to core out concrete slabs, bricks, stones and various other structures on building sites.


The drill is made up of a steel tube filled with diamond beads on the end, allowing a cylindrical piece of solid rock to be drawn up through the drill when removed directly from the concrete. During this process, the drill is lubricated with water and coolants to prevent it from getting too hot or potentially overheating.


When compared to traditional core drill tools, the diamond drill is up there as one of the best for accuracy, precision and noise reduction. If you’re looking for the best results in concrete cutting, the diamond drill delivers superior outcomes every single time.

Why Diamond Cut Concrete Drilling Is An Ideal Solution For Your Building & Construction Projects?


  • Minimal Mess & Less Dustcompared to other concrete drilling applications, the diamond drill can be used with minimal dust, noise and debris left behind. This makes it a great choice for sensitive environments such as schools, aged care facilities and hospitals.


  • Maintains Structural Integritywhen drilling into sensitive concrete structures, it’s important to get it done properly by a professional. A concrete drill enables every cut and hole to be performed with absolute precision, reducing any risk to your existing structure, making it a more safe and viable alternative.


  • Superb Results – every building development (both big and small) demands top-notch results. The diamond core drill delivers the most precise and accurate outcomes for every project, preventing potential defects from occurring later down the track. It’s safe, reliable and can be depended upon for high quality work and attention to detail.

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