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Always Place Crushed Rock Before Laying Concrete

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10:20 AM

If your concrete driveway, porch, or pavement has become cracked and worn out and you’re planning to get it re-done, you may be looking for tips and tricks that can make your new concrete surfaces last longer. Getting a new concrete surface isn’t cheap, and you certainly wouldn’t want to spend so much money every few years. 

Concrete professionals recommend that you always place a layer of crushed rocks before laying concrete. Many people don’t pay much heed to this suggestion and get new concrete surfaces laid without a crushed gravel base. Not all concrete companies will tell you to do it either because all they care about is money!

This blog post highlights why it’s important to place a layer of crushed rocks before pouring concrete when making new concrete surfaces. 

Increases the Lifespan of Your Concrete Surfaces

One of the first reasons you should always place a layer of crushed rocks before laying concrete is that it’ll increase the lifespan of your concrete surfaces. The pressure on concrete over time will result in its settling and cracking but with a solid rock layer underneath, it won’t crack or settle so easily and will stay intact for much longer. Not only this, the layer of crushed rock will serve as a protective barrier against corrosion-causing elements in the ground underneath. 

Levels the Surface Better

Another reason why you should place crushed rocks under a concrete surface is that it levels the surface better. Without a rock layer, the surface under the concrete won’t be leveled, and the concrete surface will be more prone to cracks and damage. A layer of crushed rocks will also help level a surface where there are plants or roots. You simply can’t place a concrete slab if there’s a thick tree root passing underneath without leveling it first. 

Improves Drainage

Concrete is very porous. Any water that falls on a concrete surface will find its way through it. If there aren’t any crushed rocks under the concrete slab, the water will pool underneath and gradually corrode the slab. However, the crushed rocks improve the drainage and ensure the water doesn’t pool under the concrete slab and also serve as a barrier between the ground where the water goes and the concrete slab, thereby preventing water-related damage to concrete. 

Reduce Cracking Due to Shifting of Ground

The ground shifts over time, and these movements in the ground can cause cracks in the concrete. This means that your new concrete surface will crack and settle soon. However, your concrete surfaces will last much longer if a layer of crushed rocks is under the concrete slabs. These rocks will separate the concrete slab from the ground, and any movements in the ground will not affect the concrete slab. 


Adding a layer of crushed rocks might feel like an additional step and added cost when getting a new concrete surface, but in reality, it’ll help you save money in the long run. 

To get to know more about the concrete cutting and layering process, get in touch with Concrete Cutting Melbourne and get to understand the process before you get new concrete surfaces.