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Concrete Cutting Safety Tips Every Contractor Should Know

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15:30 PM

When most people think of cutting concrete, they think of a person standing with a large jackhammer, busting up huge slabs of the material. What most people do not realize is that even if one is cutting large slabs of concrete, it is important to follow the right safety measures to ensure that no injuries occur.

Not only can the concrete itself be dangerous, but the tools that are being used need to be handled with extreme care. Failure to do so can lead to a very serious injury, so here are some tips that you want to pay attention to.


Wear the Right Gear

The first step is to ensure that you are wearing the right gear. Consider that there is a lot of noise and dust involved in cutting concrete. These are things to get in your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, which can cause damage to your respiratory system. The loud noise can cause damage to your ears, so ensure that you are wearing the proper equipment to protect all your body.


Check Your Equipment

You also want to make sure that you have thoroughly inspected all your equipment before using it. Make sure that all saws, hammers, and drilling machinery has been properly inspected and that there is no missing parts or where that appears to be showing. Make sure that you adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and in accordance with local and federal law.


Watch Your Airways

There is a lot of dust that is produced when breaking or cutting concrete. Some of this may contain silica, so ensure that you are wearing a mask that provides you with the proper ventilation.


Pay Attention

This is one of the most important safety tips that can be provided to you. Make sure that you are removing any distractions that may cause you to turn away for even a second or two. Focus completely on your work. The number one cause of injuries related to working with concrete is due to negligence caused when someone was not following the proper guidelines or paying close attention to what was going on. Considering the type of work that is being done and the type of equipment that is being used, it is important that you give your optimal attention to avoid any type of injury.

Watch the Electricity

 The vast majority of tools that you will use and cutting concrete are either powered by electricity or battery. Either one of these has a serious voltage to, so ensure that you carefully inspect all the equipment for any potential hazard that may arise from the electrical current. In addition, if there are electrical cords involved with the machinery, make sure that it is carefully secured and that those around are being careful to avoid coming in direct contact with the court.

Someone falling down your water service over the court could lead to a severe injury. This goes back to paying close attention to what is going on. You do not need to be operating the machinery to pose a safety risk. Make sure that you are careful whenever there is concrete cutting being conducted.