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Types Of Jobs Where You Would Engage With Concrete Cutters and Core Drillers

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08:00 AM

Concrete cutting and core drilling are two of the most critical tasks involved in construction, and as such, they hold immense importance. Concrete cutters and core drillers are specialised types of equipment that make complicated concrete-related tasks possible.


If you're interested in knowing about the kinds of jobs where you might engage with concrete cutters and core drillers, you've come to the right place. We've listed down several jobs where concrete cutters and core drillers play a vital role.


Flat Sawing

Flat sawing is one of the most common jobs where a concrete cutter is used. If you're getting your concrete pavement fixed, you're more than likely to see a concrete cutter at work. Flat sawing is the augmentation of a concrete slab. It is a process in which the upper surface of the concrete is shaved and levelled.


Also, if you're working on underground pipes or getting underground wiring installed, you'll be working directly with a concrete cutter. Any job where cutting through a concrete surface is involved means direct engagement with a concrete cutter.


Wall Sawing

Wall sawing requires making precise horizontal or vertical cuts in concrete walls using a concrete cutter. Every time there is a need to modify opening through a concrete wall, a concrete cutter will be directly involved. A concrete cutter is also used to make window openings in a concrete wall for ventilation.


Wall sawing makes making cuts as deep as 33-inches at virtually any angle possible on a concrete surface, and it is employed where flat sawing isn't an option.


Concrete Coring

Concrete coring is another important type of concrete cutting job that makes use of concrete cutters. Whenever there is a need to install plumbing or electrical lines or a manhole that needs to be opened, concrete coring is done using a concrete cutter.


Mineral Exploration

Mineral exploration involves the use of a core driller. A core driller allows for real-time analysis of rock composition as the driller drills down. It is one of the primary methods of collecting mineral samples for geological mapping and studying.


Concrete Strength Analysis

Analysing the strength of concrete slabs, walls, and pillars is extremely important in the construction field. With the help of core drilling, the strength of the concrete can be easily analysed. It allows you to get a clear picture of the composition of concrete being used, and hence, make adjustments accordingly.


It is necessary to have in-depth information about the whole structure rather than that of the surface only. Core drillers help extract samples from well beneath the surface and provide much-needed information.


Concrete cutters and core drillers are two essential construction tools that allow for highly efficient, accurate, and precise cutting and analysis jobs. Without these tools, collecting important data and undertaking tasks as simple as cutting through a concrete wall may take a lot of time, and even after that, you may not be satisfied with the results.