Concrete Cutting Greenvale

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12/01/2019 10:17 AM
Concrete Cutting at Aitken College

Concrete Cutting Thomastown

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12/01/2019 10:14 AM
Slice and dice concrete car park for removal at Settlement Rd Thomastown 

Concrete Cutting Port Melbourne

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23/12/2018 21:20 PM
Melbourne concrete cutting completed floor sawing a series of trenches at Boeing in Port Melbourne over Saturday and Sunday whilst the production areas were shut down.

Concrete Cutting Bundoora

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12/12/2018 21:03 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting was engaged by Northdide Christian College to cut out a trench to lay power cables. 

Concrete Cutting Yarraville

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11/12/2018 20:39 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting completed a major project for Nacap Australia. We cut up 4.2kms of road at 300mm depth to allow a new 14inch pipeline to be fitted underground to supply Melbourne Airport wi...

Concrete Cutting Whittlesea

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11/12/2018 20:32 PM
Concrete Cutting in Whittlesea for Yarra Valley Water

Concrete Cutting Tullamarine

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11/12/2018 20:18 PM
Concrete Cutting Tullamarine. Melbourne concrete cutting completed a full service of cut, remove and cart off site for an industrial warehouse in Tullamarine 

Core Drilling Melbourne

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11/12/2018 20:13 PM
Core Drilling through 600mm solid brick walls at RMIT City campus. 

Core Drilling Northcote

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11/12/2018 20:10 PM
Core Drilling under a footpath in High St Northcote onto a Telstra pit. Anthony drilling 800mm deep

Concrete Cutting Roadsaw

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11/12/2018 20:04 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting invest in the best equipment available.  We understand that reliability and experienced operators go hand in hand and we take concrete cutting seriously.