Concrete Cutting Whittlesea

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11/12/2018 20:32 PM
Concrete Cutting in Whittlesea for Yarra Valley Water

Concrete Cutting Tullamarine

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11/12/2018 20:18 PM
Concrete Cutting Tullamarine. Melbourne concrete cutting completed a full service of cut, remove and cart off site for an industrial warehouse in Tullamarine 

Core Drilling Melbourne

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11/12/2018 20:13 PM
Core Drilling through 600mm solid brick walls at RMIT City campus. 

Core Drilling Northcote

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11/12/2018 20:10 PM
Core Drilling under a footpath in High St Northcote onto a Telstra pit. Anthony drilling 800mm deep

Concrete Cutting Roadsaw

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11/12/2018 20:04 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting invest in the best equipment available.  We understand that reliability and experienced operators go hand in hand and we take concrete cutting seriously.

Concrete Cutting Yarraville

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11/12/2018 20:00 PM
Melbourne Concrete Cutting completed a major project for Nacap Australia. We cut up 4.2kms of road at 300mm depth to allow a new 14inch pipeline to be fitted underground to supply Melbourne Airport wi...

Concrete Cutting Northcote

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11/12/2018 19:58 PM
The Melbourne Concrete Cutting trailer parked in Northcote. This was for a job across the road from the Northcote Social Club where a new cafe was being opened “little local”. We cut up th...

Concrete Cutting Mernda

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11/12/2018 19:52 PM
Bitumen Cutting with our roadsaw to allow an extension to an existing road in Mernda. These works were completed with traffic control in place and using our water cart to supply water for this 300m st...

Concrete Cutting Campbellfield

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11/12/2018 19:46 PM
The Melbourne Concrete Cutting tipper truck getting loaded up with concrete blocks to cart off site

Concrete Cutting Roxburgh Park

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11/12/2018 19:41 PM
Anthony operating the large FS7000 Husqvarna roadsaw concrete cutting at 200mm depth